• Oscar Aleman

There is nothing more that helps us keep our memories alive than seeing a picture,video or anything that refreshes them. While photos help you pin point an exact moment, with video, you are able to see the before, the after and the in between that photo was taken.

A wedding video provides you with the ability to relive your wedding day and watch it evolve. With video, you can capture movement and sound. You are able to watch your first dance, your first kiss and are able to hear the groom gasping as the bride walks down the isle, vows, speeches and many more.

Your wedding Videographer will capture the raw emotion of your day and create an emotional highlight video that will have you feel those same emotions every time you watch it.

You will be too busy your wedding day to fully appreciate everything that went into it making it special. You won’t see your father shed a tear while you are saying your vows, your guest coming in to wait for the ceremony to start, and your flower girls coming down the isle. Having video will allow you to watch them as though you were there and see even more moments than you were able to on your wedding day.

Congrats on your engagement and we would love to be a part of your wedding day!